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Self-esteem Workshops Start 3rd Oct 2018 for 9 weeks

Self-esteem and Self-Confidence Building Workshop Group Starts 3rd October 2018 on Weds evenings 5.30 to 7.30pm

Does your self-esteem, how you see yourself, holding you back? Do you have self-confidence issues? Are you looking for help and support?

Would you like to find out more about yourself and learn ways to improve how you feel?

These nine workshops are for those who struggle with issues of self-esteem and confidence.

The workshops will have a limited number of participants, a maximum of six in the group. I will meet with you beforehand to discuss the group, to ensure this group is suitable for your needs. I am interested in working with clients who are seeking help and support with their self-esteem and making this financially accessible.

Participants in the workshops will be asked to consent to be audio taped for the purpose of advanced training and will be anonymised. The workshops will be for two hours from 5.30pm to 7.30pm on a Wednesday evening. Costing just £180 for the eight sessions, this is payable prior to the workshops.Dates for the workshops are later this year - 2018: 
  • 3rd Oct
  • 10th Oct
  • 17th Oct
  • 7th Nov
  • 14th Nov
  • 21st of Nov
  • 28th of Nov
  • 5th of Dec
  • 12th of Dec.
Book now.
Contact Carol on 07824700980


I can offer you an exciting opportunity to join my self-esteem and self-discovery workshops starting soon in St Andrews Counselling and Psychotherapy.
The programme is designed for you to learn more about yourself and others (partners, family, friends and work colleagues) in a supportive and relaxed environment.
We will meet on a Tuesday evening 6-8pm for 12 sessions.
The workshop places are limited to ensure small supportive group size.
This voyage of discovery of self and others will work to learn; how we feel about ourselves and others close to us, and how you can learn to raise your self-esteem.
To book a place please contact me personally 07824700980 (Carol)
Course fee: £20 per session (concessions are available please contact me beforehand to discuss)

Rape Survivors Workshop

Part of my advanced training requires me to gain group/workshop experience and I have been so fortunate to have had the support of The Women's Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre's support to offer this innovative way to provide services to female rape survivors.
Transactional Analysis therapy was originally delivered within groups, the therapist facilitated the therapy, working with each member in turn. The participants would be educated in TA as the group formed.
Planning the group with the WRASAC women took careful consideration. WRASAC also supports women who have survived, childhood, physical, sexual and emotional abuse. To have a combined group of childhood abuse and rape survivors together would risk vicarious retraumatisation as disclosure emerged during the group process.
Survivors of childhood abuse are also a diverse and complex group often with ongoing issues regarding their trauma and the decision was made to hold a single topic group of survivors of gender based violence to facilitate a heightened sense of "holding" and boundaries for the women. There was also the need to apply inclusion and exclusion criteria
Woman would have to have been in one to one support for at least 6 months to have begun to work through the trauma and have experienced the counselling process. The 1 to 1 support would continue throughout the life of the group to ensure the women would have access to their support worker.
Woman with active and untreated severe and enduring mental health problems would not be included given their vulnerability is likely to impact on their ability to participate in a group (Koss and Harvey, 1991).
The group programme would run for 12 weeks, the first 6 weeks would be to introduce TA concepts in an interactive way. This includes the core principles and philosophy of TA, Ego States, Communication, Stroke economy, Psychological Games (relationship patterns), Script ( life patterns) and Emotional expression (Rackets).
The final 6 weeks would then use the TA concepts learnt within the group to increase and improve the functioning of their Adult ego state, improve their communication skills, a tool to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, to begin to focus on aspects of their relationship with themselves and others and to change their stroke economy.
The final 6 weeks would then be audiotaped to fulfil requirements around evaluation and my training. each session would also be evaluated utilising CORE outcome measures to track the impact of the sessions on each woman.
If you would like to know more about the workshops or have experienced gender based violence and would like to see if I can help you then please contact me on 07824700980.

Confidence and Self Esteem Course

**Confidence and Self-Esteem Workshop Course**
Are you wanting to build your confidence and self-esteem and banish the negative inner critic?
Join the workshops today!
Small group of participants to ensure maximum support

 Contact Carol on: 07824700980
or email:
£20 per session (concessionary rate available)
  ** Please circulate this post to others who would benefit**

The first, 6 weeks of the course would be teaching the group about Transactional Analysis (TA) as the basis for the course so participants had an understanding of how we communicate with one another, how our personality is formed and how the past influences the present and how patterns in our relationships and lifestyles.
If you would like to know about TA and the format of the first 6 weeks I have a useful guide available on request.
I plan to have a small group of no more than 5 to ensure people will feel comfortable.
The second 6 weeks will be about putting into practice the learning from the TA and the interaction between peers and some sharing of experiences (if people feel able to do this) but key is the support, feeling that we are not alone or the only one who feels this way.
I am hoping by the end of the first 6 weeks people will have started to understand themselves a little better and develop compassion for themselves and feel comfortable to begin to work within the group. With this knowledge, increased self awareness and insight the participants will experience improved self esteem and confidence.
If you would like the course content please email me
If you want to talk with me about your queries or questions please phone me on 07824700980
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