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My Blog

March 2017

Contact me to talk about counselling; This is how it works.

Over the years I have found people contact me via various means to book a counselling appointment. Often there's a new email in my business inbox, as I have a separate account for counselling clients to make the initial contact. Sometimes the email is brief asking for an appointment or lengthy telling me all about what they are going through and how tough this is right now. Either way of getting in touch is OK with me.
I must admit I am excited when I see a new email, text or voicemail from a prospective client. I try and reply as soon as I can as I realise it's taken a great leap of faith to get in touch with me. I understand how much courage it has taken someone to summon up to pick up their phone and make the call. So an email or text makes this first step a little easier.
I do like to reply as quickly as I can by the same way of contact to thank clients and to set up a phone call.
I find client's like to hear my voice, they may have seen my photo and decided I look OK, and I find this first contact is really important for both of us for a number of reasons;
  • How do we both sound to each other?
  • Do we both feel we could work together?
  • Do we feel we both have an idea about what the problem might be?
  • Are we listening to one another?
  • Can you travel to where I work?
  • In answering your questions is there a rapport between us?
  • Is the business contract between us workable?
  • Do you have an idea about how long you are looking to work for, how flexible can you be around this or can you be open about how many sessions are affordable to you?
  • Can we agree on the date of the first appointment to meet and find out whether counselling is for you? 
  • I will need to ask you a few questions about how you see the problem, if you've had counselling before and why you are looking for counselling at this point in time. I might also ask you how you came across me such as a personal, family or friends referral or from my website etc.
Does this sound OK to you?

What questions might you want to ask me? Write them down before you call.

 I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm wishes, Carol
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