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July 2016

Salve for the soul

I was reflecting on my therapy work today and began to think about the client's I see week to week in my practice.
I probably see an equal number of men and women ranging from their early thirties to mid fifties. Most are very successful in their chosen careers and businesses. Some work in the public sector or have thriving full-time or part-time businesses they have built from the bottom up.
I have noticed that they have worked long hours and overcome adversity in becoming a success in their working lives.
Often they come to see me because despite their success and acquiring what they wanted they now find themselves alone, lonely, or struggling to find or maintain a close and loving relationship. They may have found what's  made them successfully in their working lives just doesn't seem to transfer into their personal lives.
They come to see me to find salve, a type of soothing ointment, for their souls. To begin to look at what they want from life, how to improve their relationship with themselves and to work through relationship difficulties with those close to them.
Often, I find, when the relationship they have with themselves improves and they understand and have self awareness of how they communicate, their personality and internal world, this positively impacts and improves their relationship with others.
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