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My Background

Whats different about me?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know you have a lot of choices out there for counsellors and therapists. So what's different about me?

My background has been in nursing for almost 30 years, as a Staff Nurse, Senior Sister, Health Visitor, and Nurse Practitioner, which means I have skills in seeing you holistically, body, mind, and spirit. I changed careers from 2008 to 2012, becoming a qualified accredited Psychotherapist, and I am currently a Doctoral student completing my PhD studies soon. I use Outcome Measures throughout your sessions with me to monitor your response to treatment, and we can talk together about what's happening in your therapy and address issues as they arise.

I have recently published an article about this which you can read (cut and paste into your browser)

Remfrey Foote, C. (2023). How Outcome Measures Could Support Transactional Analysts in Clinical Practice to Improve Treatment Trajectories, Manage Risk, Minimise Client Drop-Out Rates and Support Clinical Supervision. International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research & Practice, 14(2), 3–16.

I also offer a FREE 30-minute telephone consultation call to determine whether we are a good fit for working together. If so, we can book your first session with me at a mutually convenient day and time. During the call, I will ask you a little about yourself and why you've got in touch with me, tell you a bit about me and answer any questions you might have. Then I will send the Zoom link, the Intake form and the Outcome Measure out to you a few days before your appointment, which we will review together and decide what you'd like to work on first and agree on a way ahead.

I do have a 24-hour cancellation policy, so please let me know in plenty of time if you have to cancel your appointment or reschedule.


My fee is £50, for a 60-minute session, payable before your appointment by bank transfer.


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